Katarzyna Grabos

Katarzyna Grabos of Krosno, Poland (mother of six) came to see me in 1997 with cancer of the lymphatic glands. She had an egg size growth on her neck and under her arms, she was very weak, skinny and pale. I was under the impression that she did not have many days left to live. Prior to her visit with me, she was in the hospital for one month and her situation was getting worse, however no chemotherapy or radiation was administered. I introduced her to the herbal formula Mr. Janas passed on to me (included in 5 Step Cancer Prevention Program) and to her benefit she not only believed me but stayed on it for 8 months. The egg size growth totally disappeared; Katarzyna gained weight and achieved good health. When I saw her one year later in 1998, she was 45 years old and her cousin who was with her at the time of her visit pointed out to me that she looks like a 25 year old girl. She actually did. I could not believe my eyes to see a completely different woman from the one I met just a year ago. I used another traditional herb in her treatment and bring her body back to health and at the same time it returned her vitality and youthful appearance; however, I never until this time used it for that purpose. Amazing and totally true.

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