The aim of The Nature Health Program is to restore a natural balance of the body by detoxifyingcell-disruption-of-yeast-fungus-why-homogenize and nourishing the system. In the process, the well-supported defense mechanism of the body will, in time correct any health challenges and prevent new ones from setting in.

The Nature Health Program is made up of natural, indispensable, and easy-to-use food and food preparations, which produce the best results in relatively short time. Every one of these foods is responsible for cleansing the system, providing basic nutrients, balancing acidity and strengthening immunity, in a different and unique way, together creating balanced results.

By using these foods you will be properly feeding your body, not catering to its cravings. I have seen people who prior to taking the program were sugar and/or fast food addicts, totally change and regain control over their own system.


The program does the following;

  • Provide 5 indispensable nutrients from the most potent food sources. I do not bakers-yeast-500x380recommend supplements in the form of tablets or capsules.
  • Cleanse the body of toxins; bacteria, virus and especially the most dangerous and difficult to eradicate pathogen – fungus.
  • Create nutritional and acid/alkaline balance.
  • Empower the immune system to correct existing health problems and guard against environmental pollutants.
  • Correct appetite and cravings and place a person in control of his/her system (choosing food on the basis of preferences not cravings). The result of being in tune and aware of your body and its needs.
  • Stimulate the metabolism (especially fat and sugar) and enhance the absorption of nutrients. (70 different minerals, including calcium, are not well-absorbed).
  • Increase overall energy level and life force.
  • Help in providing an easy transition to a healthy life style.
  • Increase brain power and concentration.
  • Lead to lasting results.

The Nature Health Program does not provide overnight results. It supports and relies on the body’s own ability to correct itself and over time shows extraordinary and lasting results.

Fat disappears, the system becomes nourished, fungus and other blood pollutants get under Funguscontrol and the body comes to life. The outcome is a free from internal poison, including fungus, slim, and nutritionally-balanced individual.

The success of the medical system is based on providing fast results, what most of us want, but in a long run we all pay the price for cutting, burning, adjusting and suppressing what is already perfect and needs only to be properly supported.

Along with my program I’m passing on to you the greatest gift of all, sound and reliable knowledge on how to regain or sustain your health and prevent the most dreadful disease from destroying your health and your life.



Claims for The Nature Health Program® are based on medical opinion and user experience and not on actual clinical studies.
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